Welcome to the Chicago Ghost Hunters Group!

We are a fun and busy group of people who go ghost hunting together in additon to our meetings, events, and any other home or business investigations that may come up! We do not post our hunts publicly beforehand, though, so in order to learn how to participate in the hunts and find out about our 2011 schedule of sites, please come to our meetings.

Our Mission Statement:

The Chicago Ghost Hunters Group (CGHG) is a ghost investigation, interest, and research group that operates through but maintains an independent identity as a gathering place for all people who wish to share their curiosity, express their belief or skepticism, and learn more about paranormal phenomena. We strive to assist each other and the outside world with better understanding the paranormal as well as the use of ghost hunting equipment and investigation techniques. We vow to support all people looking for answers or assistance in their individual quests to better know the world around them.

This website is intended specifically to cater to those individuals who are seeking assistance with a possible haunting at their home or business. Please see our Meetup and Facebook pages, as well as our official Group Manual for more information about membership, our monthly meetings, and other services we provide.

We are a not-for-profit group that accepts but absolutely does not require donations for different investigating services. Professional home and business investigation is just one aspect of what we do and helps us to grow and learn as much as it helps our clien